HANDMADE WEDGES by ICYGOLF Our dedication to excellence will live up to your exacting standards.
HANDMADE WEDGES     by    ICYGOLF Our dedication to excellence will live up           to  your exacting standards. 

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Putter Fitting and Alignment Evaluation :


Given that golfers take more shots with their putters than any other club in their bag , should it not follow that at least the same amount of time spent trying out the least used , but usually most expensive club in the bag could be spent on fitting the putter and analysing the movement of the putter during the stroke.


With the arrival of our ZENIO putting system and SAM PUTT LAB monitor , we are now able to offer both services in one package . Putter tracking and alignment technology has long lagged ( excuse the pun ) behind that devoted to driver fitting , but now the tables have turned.


So ,  if you feel that your putter and stroke deserve the same attention as a £450 driver please feel free to drop us a line . 



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