HANDMADE WEDGES by ICYGOLF Our dedication to excellence will live up to your exacting standards.
HANDMADE WEDGES     by    ICYGOLF Our dedication to excellence will live up           to  your exacting standards. 

Solutions and Services :


We offer you a wide range of exclusive products and services at affordable prices , if you are not totally satisfied , we'll refund your payment !.


Small or large your request will be met with expert advice , individual attention and innovative solutions . Contact us and discover all we have to offer . We look forward to looking after all of your golfing needs !.


Your Wedges : 


Our speciality , all the large companies will supply you with off the shelf wedges that you will have to try and shoe horn into your existing set. 


Your wedges along with your putter are the clubs that are used the most in a round of golf and therefore need to be the best fit of all to you personally . Would you go to a bespoke tailor only to buy a suit off the peg ....of course not !.


Let us show you what a set of wedges matched to you can do for your game !.



Loft and Lie Specifications : 


To precisely fit your swing and biomechanical characteristics . A two stage process ?


First , in the workshop a static lie check to see if your current settings match your phyisical specifications and shaft characteristics .


Then on the course or a grass range , a dynamic check to see if those settings are producing the correct divot / flight pattern especially if the lofts and shafts have been radically changed . 



Iron Refurbishment :


Do your irons look a little worse for wear , do you not get that spin control with the short irons and check up with the longer irons into the green ?.

We can make them look like new again !.



Shaft Retro Fitting :


For your current clubs to make sure you get the best out of what you already own !.


Is your driver / 3w ballooning into the wind and spinning excessively ?.


Do your irons exhibit good stability into the wind and in cross winds ?.


Does your hybrid have a tendency to dive low and left ?.


Then a shaft change can revitalise your club !.



Fitting you to a golf ball :


There are significant gains to be had if the correct ball , one that matches your launch / spin / ballspeed and shaft / head specifications , this can produce increased stability , dispersion and distance with your driver and 3w .


Performed correctly , a well fitted ball will not only improve the performance of your power clubs . The gains can be shared with the irons and wedges in particular to give more control around the greens and again more stability in the wind .


The right ball can therefore not only facilitate better performance , along with this comes more consistent scores and also the ability and confidence to put the ball where you want it , when you want to .  This shows up no where better than from 100 yards in , where a good feel off the wedges and proper spin control is paramount when shooting for low scores . 


Conversly too much spin can hurt you just as much too little , so here again a ball that spins and launches to the optimum off the driver and also gives good control off the wedges is imperative to golfers of all levels but particularly to low handicap players. 




SAM PUTT LAB and ZENIO putter training .



For a long time part of our initial equipment review .


Now due to continued requests from customers , we have extended our putter fitting assessment to include a full SAM PUTT LAB indoor session followed by an on course ZENIO training session to identify all those personal putting nuances that can be both a help and hindrance when trying to advance your putting to the next level .


Both of these highly respected systems are used widely throughout the professional and amateur tours with great success , so is it not time to follow their example and see what you may be missing out on !.


What have you got got to loose except strokes off your score and your handicap ?.












Contact details:

If you wish to make an appointment  or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on :


07568 190642

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Or use our contact form on the next page !.

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