HANDMADE WEDGES by ICYGOLF Our dedication to excellence will live up to your exacting standards.
HANDMADE WEDGES     by    ICYGOLF Our dedication to excellence will live up           to  your exacting standards. 

ICYGOLF : Experience a premium service usually reserved for Tour Players.

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ICYGOLFs attention to detail will inspire new found confidence in your game , with a wide range of services to choose from !.


Full optimisation process for Drivers / fairways / hybrids / irons and especially putters , to include :


Shaft weight / flex suitability check.

Biomechanical shaft length measurement .

Lie compatibility to physical build check .

Shaft bend profile analysis. 

Multi zone shaft comparison . 


Fully handmade wedge production and fitting process..


Comprehensive wedge game investigation to include:


Fact finding process of your current equipment.

Suitability of said equipment to your wedge technique.

Recommendation of additions and/or changes to this set up. 


You are sure to find find what you have been searching for .


If you require further assistance or expert guidance please look no further!.



Wedge Evaluation , Fitting and Building :


- In depth pitching and chipping Evaluation to determine the correct bounce angle and sole grind for your attack angle .


- 22 sole grinds available to suit all levels of ball striking and improve impact conditions.


- 4 leading edge grinds to aid alignment and further personalise wedge design process .


- Any toe grind to suit the clients aesthetic preferences .


- Any top edge grind to suit the clients aesthetic preferences .


- Grip of clients choice .


- 12 shaft options .


- Offset or onset head option available .


- Head personalisation , name , initials or nickname .


- Very soft head material to vastly improve feel for delicate shots but without loss of distance on full shots .


- Clients welcomed at all stages of production , essential for most players .

- 3 monthly face and head refurbishment to keep that half shot spin around the green , free for 12 months .



All lofts and lie angles provided for , if you have any other requirements please do not be afraid to ask ! . 


If it is at all all possible we will find a way to do it ! . 




Contact details:

If you wish to make an appointment  or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on :


07568 190642

01530 460159






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